Policies, Fees and Payments

Fees and Payment Options

Dr. Kaye’s fees are set at $145.00 per 45 minute session.  Of all these fees, regular indemnity insurance plans will often pay 50 to 80 %.  Our office will file insurance forms to your insurance company at the end of each month.

If you are willing to provide a security guarantee such as your credit card information on file, then we will only need to collect your co-pay amount each session and collect the remainder from the insurance company. However, you do remain responsible for whatever amount of the remainder that the insurance company does not pay because of annual deductibles or other reasons.

Managed care companies often have negotiated contracts with us that set your co-pay to a specific amount such as $10 or $20. With these types of plans there is often no deductible and you are usually not responsible for the insurance portion.  If you have a managed care plan, it is important that you call your health plan’s mental health telephone number to obtain prior authorization before you come to your first session with Dr. Kaye.  Try to get an actual authorization number from the managed care company to be sure you are authorized. You can often find the appropriate mental health telephone number somewhere on the front or back of your health insurance card.

Allied Psychological Services has the policy of charging for missed appointments and late cancellations. This policy was devised after the loss of many thousands of dollars due to unexpected cancellations. As long as 24 hours notice is given of a cancellation, there is no charge. If 23 hours or less advance notice is given of a cancellation, then there is a charge (currently $85). The reason for this is that the therapist usually cannot schedule in a new appointment with this short a notice. Therefore, the late cancellation costs the therapist revenue that would otherwise have been generated. This is a straightforward business agreement with the therapist that covers its lost opportunity costs. It is a part of the service agreement that is required from every person to be seen at Allied Psychological Services.

Before you come to our office, you may want to call us at 252-249-3099 to obtain a copy of our service agreement for your review. Leave your name and address with the receptionist so that she can have our administrative assistant send you a copy.


Disclosures to the therapist or the staff of Allied Psychological Services will not be revealed to outside parties except in the following instances: 1) Where your written permission has been granted; 2) Where your physical safety or the physical safety of another person is threatened; 3) Where evidence is given of physical or sexual child abuse; 4) Where records are subpoenaed by a judge. For the purpose of ensuring highest quality of care, your case will be discussed in conference among the employed and contracted staff of the Center. If you should default in paying the balance of your account with Allied Psychological Services, then identifying information and dates of service might be disclosed in court if litigation were initiated.