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Marriage counseling and other forms of counseling are offered by Allied Psychological Services.   Specialties include treatments for trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger management and dissociative disorders.



 Bryce Kaye, Ph.D. write about intimacy and boundaries in marriage New Bern NC

Dr. Bryce Kaye, New Bern psychologist and author of the book “The Marriage First Aid Kit” published by Bascom Hill.


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Marriage counseling

Anger management training

Strengthening self-esteem and assertiveness

EMDR psychotherapy for treating trauma and PTSD



Strategic Counseling

Our therapists emphasize goal-focused strategic counseling.  It’s NOT the passive “listening” therapy that takes years to produce results.  Our strategic counseling has several characteristics that make it especially effective:


Careful Assessment – The strategy for counseling is tailored to each patient or couple.  One size doesn’t fit all.  Social history, old traumas, schemas, behavioral patterns, level of dissociation, inhibition of meta-motivational states and parental templates are all assessed to find out where to focus the counseling.  Marriage counseling that focuses on communication is really only dealing with surface issues.  Communication breaks down because  of subtle emotions in the unconscious.  When those emotions are better managed, communication opens up because the person can think differently.  Even subtle emotions can change how the brain operates.   It’s important to determine which emotions are sabotaging communication so that they can be reconditioned.


Clear Goals – Goals are negotiated at the beginning so that all parties can agree on what’s realistic and what’s not.  Progress toward the goals is reviewed regularly so that everyone can be held accountable to stay on task.


Love Odyssey marriage counseling retreats

Active Intervention – The therapist teaches, confronts, models, challenges clients to practice different behavior both in and between sessions.  The emphasis is on training each client or partner to practice the behavior and thoughts that will change emotions over time.  Our most intensive interventions are week long nautical couples retreats with marriage counseling by Dr. Bryce Kaye and his wife Helen.  These couples counseling retreats are totally private and involve only one couple at a time.  Read more about the Love Odyssey marriage counseling retreats.